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Our Investment Philosophy

We build investment portfolios for individual/business investors. Our stated purpose is to earn consistent returns while preserving capital.

  • Outcome oriented investing – we believe investment solutions should be designed to solve client goals/objectives 
  • Open architecture – we believe in a research driven approach to investing. One that employs investment strategies that deliver desired outcomes for our clients. 
  • Investment Discipline – we believe the investment discipline is the most effective counterbalance to the behavioral tendencies of investors. 
  • Risk – we believe that attractive returns are the result of successful risk-taking.

Income Strategy

This strategy aims to provide consistent, sustainable and growing cash flows from Investments while providing potential for capital growth to insure the portfolio continues to keep pace with inflation and the cost of living. As preservation of capital is a key concern for our retired clients, it is the central consideration in our investment approach.

Building Customized Investment Solutions

This process begins by clearly understanding each client’s financial needs and objectives taking into account lifestyle, goals, and expectations with regard to their investment portfolio. For every client we develop an understanding of their return expectations, thoughts about risk, cash flow requirements, tax situation and time horizon. 

Our Due Diligence Process

Quarterly, we review each of the core holdings to insure they meet the needs of our philosophy. The review includes:

  • Track record updates (performance and risk management)
  • Experience and consistency of Portfolio Manager (s)
  • Integrity and consistency of their process

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